Pursue What Matters Most

Special guest speaker Atty. Federico “Fetan” Tancongc, a Christian Leader and Senior Pastor from the Philippines, presents an inspiring message about focusing on how to live life to the max — finding what’s ultimately important in life and pursuing it, using the account of Jesus’ visit to Mary and Martha in Bethany from Luke 10:38–42 and John 12:1–8 and the parables of the hidden treasure and the pearl merchant to demonstrate radical principles that we can apply in each of our lives to stay focused on what matters most.

Atty. Tancongco is a lawyer, banker, lecturer, professor and church leader. He serves as CEO and National Director of WorldTeach Ministries Philippines Inc., Board Trustee and Corporate Secretary of Far East Broadcasting Corporation (FEBC), Senior Vice President of BDO Private Bank, and Professor-Lecturer at the Trust Institute Foundation of the Philippines. He has previously served as Senior Pastor of Faith Christian Fellowship and Chairman of the Church Baptist Seminary for Asia, and presently serves as part of the CCF preaching team that regularly preaches in CCF satellite churches in CCF SM City Marikina, CCF SM City San Mateo and CCF Marikina AudioPhile. He has been married for 33 years to Dell Recomono Tancongco, and they have 3 children, Miguel Angelo, Carlo Antonio and Patricia Alexis.