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Day Five: Boquig National High School and Bonuan First Baptist Church

Thank God for another eventful day! This morning we travelled again to another high school called Boquig National High School.

There was a wider range of grades this time in comparison to yesterday — from grades 7 — 12. We could feel the energy of the students right when we got there.

Sisters Felicity Isada and Jessica Ubando shared their testimonies and Pastor Sonny shared the gospel once again as not all of the students were believers.

In the evening, some of the members of our team were able to join Bonuan First Baptist Church for their Friday Youth fellowship where Brother Joshua Del Rosario was able to share a message on Maturity. He talked about how we should all strive to become like Christ by abandoning our childish and worldly ways.

Aside from the blessing of fellowshiping with other believers, the youth of their church proceeded to pray for us and the Conference happening tomorrow. It was humbling to just join with them in prayer and the presence of the Lord was heavy among us.

We continue to ask you all to also join us in prayer as tomorrow will be the Youth Conference. We are all looking forward to what God has planned, not only for us, but for all the youth who are attending.


“I see a generation,
Rising up to take their place,
With selfless faith.
I see a near revival,
Stirring as we pray and seek,
We’re on our knees”

– Hosanna by Hillsong


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