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Day Four: Pugaro Integrated School

Today we left early in the morning to do our first school visitation at Pugaro Integrated School. The program consisted of songs, games, testimonies, and a short message from Pastor Sonny.

There were 225 students (grades 9-12) that attended. To catch their attention we asked for volunteers to participate in a couple games that we prepared. They seemed to really enjoy them, and we had fun watching them play as well.

Following the games, Christina and KT shared their testimonies regarding how God worked in their lives during high school. I believe a lot of the students were able to relate to what they said, and were hopefully encouraged as well.

At the end of the program, we distributed packages of notebooks and pens to each student. Their principal, Pastor Dan, then encouraged everyone to pay it forward and give a portion of their package to a collective donation for children in Marawi. It was amazing to see how the students still donated, even after receiving a small gift to begin with. We as a team were inspired and encouraged by the students’ example, and will also be giving a donation to help support those affected in Marawi.

In the afternoon, we had a brief devotion with the whole team before splitting up: the adults went to the market to buy the giveaways for our school visitation tomorrow, and the praise and worship team continued to practice for the upcoming youth conference.

We have a pretty heavy schedule lined up for the next couple days, so your prayers are always appreciated! Tomorrow we have our second high school visitation in the morning, and the youth will be joining the local youth’s fellowship at Bonuan First Baptist Church in the evening. On Saturday is our Youth Conference with an expected attendance of about 900!

Please pray for the organization of our upcoming events, and that God would open up the hearts and minds of those attending.

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