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Day Two: Visit to Pugaro Church and Youth Leaders Orientation

Today, the team visited a church in Pugaro, Dagupan City named Life Saving Christian Fellowship. Our church, by God’s grace, was able to extend some financial help in fixing an almost non-existent building as a place of worship for our brothers and sisters in Christ in the Island of Pugaro.

What we saw is a remnant of a nipa roof barely held by rotting bamboo poles. With God’s help and through the generosity of GBC, they are now able to build concrete floors, foundation for their walls and a new nipa roof. The hope is that this simple act will be a way for God’s grace to reach many more souls in the Island of Pugaro.

The second part of the day was spent with the Youth Leaders of 36 different churches at the Youth Leaders Orientation in preparation for the upcoming Youth Conference with now over 900 attendees expected to join us on Saturday.

Please continue to pray for our Mission Team and the work that has been set before us.

Pray for God’s presence to fill us and all the activities.


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