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First Day

Our first full day on the mission field was spent as a “rest day”. After traveling for approximately 24 hours, we needed some time to regain our strength and our focus.

In the men’s house, some of us woke up at around 2 am‎. I woke up around 4 am… we are still on Canada time. We walked to the girls’ house at around 7 am and woke them up as well.

For breakfast, we had “pandesal” and “kutsinta” that we bought off street vendors. After breakfast, we headed to the local beach. The girls took a boat ride while the rest of us enjoyed the breeze and the view.

Tonight, the work begins! We need to organize the materials for the weekend’s youth conference as well as finalize the sermons and breakout sessions for the 700+ young people who will be attending the conference. The representatives of the youth band will also be practicing the songs they will sing at the conference tonight along with some young people from the local church.

Please continue to pray for the conference as well as the high school students we will be speaking to in the next couple of days. Pray that the power of God’s Word will work in the hearts of the young people here in Pangasinan.

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